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A brief look at the activities and services of Koosha Piano specialized technical workshop and the description of collection management: Mani Koosha

Certificates and Memberships

  • Mani koosha is member of IMU(iran musician union ), which itself is member of FIM(International federation of music) with registration number 5182
  • Head of the Piano Technical Center of the Comprehensive Campus of Free and International Education
  • Head of Tehran Piano Technical Engineering Center, Technical and Professional Organisation of the country
  • Certificate of Piano Technical Expert Training Course from the Open Art School approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran
  • doctorate in professional piano techniques
  • Certificate in Music Business from Berklee University, USA

Piano tuning

Perhaps the most common word you hear about piano service is the word piano tuning. Piano tuning is actually just pulling the strings to the desired frequency so that the sound produced is perfectly standard and clear, usually the common frequency for piano tuning. It is 430 to 440 Hz, which means that, for example, at a frequency of 435 Hz, the wire vibrates 435 times per second with each hammer blow. Piano tuning must be done with a special wrench and in compliance with safety principles and scientific standards, otherwise, in addition to the possibility of tearing the wires, irreparable damage will be done to the tuning pins. Usually every piano needs to be tuned once every 4 to 8 months.

Piano regulation

You may always be wondering what piano regulation is? Is it really necessary? What effect will it have on the sound of my piano? To answer these questions, let’s start with a simple example, suppose you take your car to a repair shop to change the oil, and there the repairman tells you that in addition to changing the oil, your car needs balance, steering, and engine adjustment. Here is an example of changing the oil equivalent of piano tuning and adjusting the engine and balance, is equivalent to the same piano adjustment  Piano adjustment is actually adjusting the distance of hammers, their round trip time, adjusting back checks and weighing keys and adjusting the lat off. Is that the piano is set in a standard and uniform mode, usually every piano needs to be adjusted once in about 1 to 2 years

Piano voicing

Piano voicing is the process of reconstructing and altering hammers, which causes the hammers to produce the desired sound with quality and without sharpness due to the impact with the wire. If the musician needs these changes, it can be done every 1 to 2 years.

Accurate troubleshooting

Occasionally there are problems with the piano that can lead to misdiagnosis of irreparable damage to your piano, so a thorough troubleshooting requires a piano technician.


No amount will be received from you before the work is done, and in the end, in case of problems and dissatisfaction of your loved ones, no amount will be received.

Bachelor and Piano Visit

Bachelor and Piano Visit
Troubleshooting, quality verification
Originality and pricing
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Guarantee and guarantee

This section only includes the full piano service, you will be given a warranty card according to which the items included in the warranty will be serviced for a specified period of time free of charge.

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Each part related to solving the piano problem has a separate cost and in order to calculate the exact cost, troubleshooting must be done in person. You can contact the phone number registered on the site for information on prices.

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All services including tuning, adjustment, repair and reconstruction and. . It will take up to half a day.

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