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Buy an acoustic piano

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Buy an acoustic piano

The topic we are going to discuss with you in this text is the purchase of an acoustic piano maker. One of the most beautiful melodies can be heard from this unique instrument, and therefore we recommend that you pay attention to the following important points when buying.
• When you want to buy an acoustic piano, first of all pay attention to its technical and visual aspects.
Piano keys are another thing to consider when shopping.
Dimensions and weight of the instrument are other important factors in buying a piano instrument.
Appearance is another important point in buying a piano.
• The facilities used in the piano are also an important issue in the purchase.

What to do to buy an acoustic piano instrument؟

If you are a professional pianist, you will not have to worry about buying a piano; Because you can examine the piano in a completely technical and skillful way and make sure of its accuracy and health. Buying a piano becomes a big problem when a person has no experience and skills in buying a piano. What do you think can be done in this situation? Is there a way to buy a healthy piano instrument? We say with confidence, yes there is a sure way and that is to go to Koosha Piano Institute.
Koosha Piano is one of the most technical and top specialized collections in the field of piano and all the experts of this collection are working under the supervision of a capable master, Mani Koosha. Wherever you are in Iran and you are planning to buy an acoustic piano instrument, before taking any serious action in this regard, contact the diligent piano experts and ask them for help.
If you are looking to buy a professional and completely healthy instrument, be sure to visit the sales gallery of this collection in the north of Tehran. All the instruments collected in this gallery have been technically and visually examined and evaluated by experts, and all of them are ultimately healthy in terms of quality. In addition, this set guarantees all pianos for 5 years.
All items referred to as piano service are covered by this warranty and are provided free of charge. In addition, the initial stitching is done by experts and after that once every 6 months (standard stitch time) the only cost you pay is the stitching fee.
If you want to be informed about the latest news of Koosha Piano Gallery, refer to the following page or contact these numbers to attend the gallery and take the piano playing test; All consultations provided by this collection are provided completely free of charge.