Piano tuning tutorial

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Piano tuning training – In line with the goal of creating employment and your request, dear ones, the expectations are over and the piano training course is held by Mani Koosha. Applicants can contact us to hold a piano tuning course. In this course, called piano tuning training, the student first learns specialized training in theory and then in practice

At the end of the theory course and also at the end of the practical course, the student is tested And if there is any problem, it will be helped again in the same discussion. All the tools needed for this course will be provided to the student and a space for trial and error will be created for the student.There are also special clothes for students.

After the end of the course, the student can enter the labor market without any problems and progress professionally in this field.


Training items Items in the piano technical training include: – Piano tuning training – Piano regulation training – Piano repair and reconstruction training Keep in mind that each of these courses is separate And if the student requests, it is possible to teach all these things in one course.


In the second stage of piano tuning, the student enters the practical part and that is related to Know the tools used and how to use them and the type of implementation of each type is tuned. There are different types of piano tuning, each of which is practically different, including the following:

1- Iranian cook 2- Cook Pythagoras 3- Stake tuning 4- Cook Equal 5-

Piano regulation After passing the piano tuning training, the student reaches this stage, ie piano regulation, not to mention that in this case, there is no need for the student to have learned 100% regulation training. In the first stage of teaching piano regulation, first of all, it is necessary to first know the theoretical aspects of this section well The student understands and learns, unlike other cases, this section is very necessary Learn the explanations, names and practical terms available to the student in detail.

In the second stage of piano regulation training, the student teaches regulation in practice and because piano regulation is very important in piano, so until the student has acquired sufficient skills, the teacher according to the existing conditions to the necessary emphasis to Will act.

Among the things that a student learns in piano arrangement, we can mention: 1- Adjust the distance of the hammers with each other Hammer Space Adjustment 2- Fixing the purity problem Capstan Adjustment For Fix Lost MOtion Problem 3- Setting back checks Backcheck Adjustment 4- Adjusting the latch adjustment screw Letoff Regulation Skrew Adjustment 5- Distance of hammers to the wire after impact Hammer Distance To Strings After Strike 6- Adjust the level of the keys Key Level Adjustment The above are common items used by musicians. There are other items that will be provided if necessary.

Piano repair and reconstruction Regarding piano repair training, it is necessary for the student to have passed the previous steps, ie piano tuning and regulation training. Because there are things in piano repair that the student will only be able to do after completing previous training courses, for example, the student needs to understand the function of a hammer well in order to be able to reconstruct that function and process. And in case of any error or malfunction, know its original form and take action to repair or reconstruct it according to these cases.

Items in the repair and reconstruction of the piano include items that we refuse to mention for some reason, but we can mention the repair, replacement or repair of hammers or any breakage in the technical part of the piano. It should be noted that by passing this course, the student is able to eliminate any defects and problems in the technical part of the piano, because he learns everything that exists in the technical part of the piano and can be called a piano technical expert!